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Water Infiltration Survey

  1. 1. Have you observed flooding on your street?*
  2. 2. Have you experienced flooding in your yard?*
  3. 3. Have yard drains been installed on the property?*
  4. 4. Has the soil/landscaping around your home been graded to slope away?*
  5. 5. Does your home have gutters/downspouts?*
  6. 6. Does this property have a drain in the driveway?*
  7. 7. Has a backflow preventer/check valve been installed on the property?*
  8. 8. Does this property have a working sump pump?*
  9. If yes, how many:
  10. 9. Has any waterproofing been done at this property?*
  11. 10. Does your home have a basement?*
  12. 11. Does your home have a "depressed driveway" that slopes down to a garage/lower level?*
  13. 12. During the rainstorm events in July, did you experience water in your basement?
  14. * The remaining questions relate to basement flooding. If you didn't experience basement flooding, please continue to the end of the form and click "Submit."
  15. 13. Where did the water enter your home?
  16. 14. Was the water generally:
  17. 15. What was the depth of the water?
  18. 18. Since experiencing water in your basement, have you hired a contractor/plumber to investigate the incident(s) or make repairs at your property?
  19. 19. Has the reason for the water in your basement been identified and/or explained?
  20. 20. Have the storm and sanitary laterals from the house to the main been snaked?
  21. 21. Did you receive video/photo verification of the condition of the laterals?
  22. Are they free of damage/debris?
  23. Thank you for completing the survey!
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