Is the Commission recommending changes? What are they and why?

Yes. They are as follows:

  • Preamble – changes are intended to update the terminology from “Village of Bay” to “Bay Village,” and to reflect what we value as a community.
  • Article II (The Council), Section 2.4 (Vacancies) – The proposed amendment provides better transparency to the process of filling a vacant Council seat by creating a framework that is clear and open as to the appointment/election of successors. The intent is to eliminate any real or perceived conflict of interest in deliberations and voting from sitting Council members who desire to fill the vacant seat.
  • Article VI (Civil Service Commission), Sections 6.3, 6.4 and 6.5
    • Changes in 6.3 are intended to clarify what positions are in classified and unclassified service, and to extend the probationary period for promotional appointments from 4 to 12 months which more closely matches surrounding communities. 
    • Changes in 6.4 are intended to clarify the concept of “home rule” for Bay Village and how it operates with the Civil Service Commission. Home rule is the right to adopt local laws and ordinances tailored to the unique needs of the Bay Village community.
    • The change in 6.5 is to correct a typo and clarify how a Commissioner under Civil Service rules may be removed, requiring 2/3 of the Council’s approval AND written notification to the Commissioner. Prior to this change, the removal would have required either of these conditions, not both. The Commission believes both of these elements are necessary to protect due process. The suggested language is also consistent with other Charter provisions.

Click here for the full existing and recommended text. 

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