Where can I dispose of an American flag?

Flags may be dropped off at two locations in Bay Village. The first and primary location is American Legion Post #385 at 695 Cahoon Road, Westlake, just across the railroad tracks from Bay Village. There is a red, white, and blue collection box attached to the wall beside the door.

Additionally, flags can be dropped off inside the Bay Village Police Department reception area. There is a small white bin to the right of the reception window. This bin is collected by Bay Village VFW Post 9693, which meets at the Bay Village Police Department.

All flags from the two Bay Village locations (American Legion and VFW) are disposed of with proper protocol twice a year at the American Legion Post on Cahoon Road. 

An additional disposal location is at American Legion Post 211 at 31973 Walker Road, Avon Lake. There is an old mail box outside marked for flag disposal. American Legion Post 211 takes care of the proper disposal for the flags collected there.

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