I want to rent my house out. What do I need to do?

Registration & Fees

All rental properties must be registered with the Building Department. There is an annual Housing License fee of $100, which is valid from April 1 through March 31st. Fees are not prorated. 

Annual Inspections

Rental properties are inspected annually. The owner will be notified of any violations and shall correct the violations within a period of time as prescribed by the inspector. All violations will be re-inspected prior to issuing the Housing License.

Short Term Rentals

No person shall operate, let, rent, list, advertise, or otherwise make available, any rental dwelling in the City of Bay Village for the purpose of a short-term rental. Short-term rental means the right to use, occupy or possess, or the actual use, occupancy or possession, of a rental dwelling through a rental for temporary, transient occupancy for dwelling, sleeping or lodging, for a period of time less than 29 continuous days.  

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