Sidewalk Correction Program

The City of Bay Village inspects all public sidewalks to ensure they are in good repair and free from nuisance and obstruction. Homeowners are responsible for sidewalk maintenance per city ordinance. If your sidewalk is inspected and requires repair, the city will notify you by mail.

Sidewalk conditions that require correction:

  • Sidewalk is raised or slumped ¾ inch or more at a joint or crack
  • Sidewalk is slumped 5 inches or more over 10 feet
  • Sidewalk block is broken in 4 or more pieces
  • Sidewalk has alligator cracking or spalling
  • Sidewalk has a horizontal gap or crack of 1 inch or more

For property owners who do not wish to complete the repairs themselves or through their own contractor, the City can perform the work and will invoice the property owner based on the contract cost per square foot.

Homeowner Resources:

The city plans to inspect all sidewalks on a five-year cycle. In 2023, the city inspected the sidewalks shown in blue in the map below. 

Sidewalk Inspection Map 2023