Columbia Gas Line Replacement

Columbia Gas is working on a project in Bay Village to replace aging gas lines with newer, state-of-the-art plastic pipe. A map of the affected areas is below.

Crews will install approximately 800 feet of new plastic pipe serving 17 residences on Sunset Drive. Please see the project map below. This work will help to strengthen the natural gas delivery system on Sunset and clear existing leaks.

This video provides an overview of this kind of project. 

Please expect some congestion in work zones. Flaggers will maintain traffic and crews will not block residents in their driveways.


  1. Preconstruction camera work is underway During this phase, residents may notice markers and flags cropping up in yards. Those are to mark the locations of underground facilities. Ask kindly that everyone keep those in place until our work is complete. 
  2. Installation of the new mainline should then begin the week of October 17.   
  3. Once the mainline is in and put into service, we'll follow-up with service line replacements for individual homes. These take about 2-4 hours per property and include a brief service disconnection. Indoor meters will be relocated outside as well. Crews will reach out to schedule an appointment with each property owner for the shutoff, relight and meter relocation (if necessary). 


Crews will temporarily restore all property to ensure safety and accessibility and then follow-up with the permanent grade restoration as the project nears completion.

Please contact Ben Cutler at Columbia Gas at 216.215.4103 or by email with any questions.

Columbia Gas Project Map - Sunset