Republic Services Cart Transition

Republic Services, the City’s current trash collection contractor, provides each residence with a refuse cart and a recycling cart, which are color coded by use.  Republic is transitioning to a new cart color scheme in Bay Village and the other communities it serves.

The transition will be very gradual rather than a mass city-wide swap out.  New carts will be issued when a current cart is sufficiently damaged to remove it from service. This transition applies to carts provided under the city contract and additional carts purchased by residents.

The current cart colors are blue for refuse and green for recycling, the new carts will be blue with a black lid for refuse and a light blue lid for recycling.

To report a broken cart, contact Republic Services at 1-800-433-1309 for assistance.

New Republic Services refuse cart, blue with a black lid, and recycling cart, blue with a light blue lid.

New Republic Refuse and Recycling Carts

Old Republic Services refuse cart, blue, and recycling cart, green. Carts will be replaced gradually.

Old Republic Refuse and Recycling Carts