Pavement Maintenance Program

The Pavement Maintenance Program for 2021 includes repair and resurfacing for the streets listed.

2022 Pavement Maintenance Program Map (PDF)

Mill and Overlay

  • Lake Road from Rocky River to Columbia


  • Bradley Road from Westlake to Carlton
  • Revere
  • Canterbury
  • Elmwood from Lake Road to Oviatt
  • Lake Forest
  • Oak Cliff
  • Clague Parkway
  • Osborn from Glen Park to Parkside
  • Oviatt from Glen Park to Kenilworth
  • Fordham from Knickerbocker to dead end

County 80/20 Program

  • Wolf Road from Clague to Sutcliffe

Contracted Crack Seal

  • Lake Road between Longbeach and Bradley
  • Wolf Road between Sutcliffe and Bassett