Stay in Bay Mixed Use Zoning Overlay


A mixed-use zoning overlay will be on Bay Village ballots as Issue 2 on November 2, 2021. Information about the overlay and what it means for Bay Village is provided below. Links to the specific sections of the proposed ordinance are included for reference, as well as links to other supporting material. We hope you find this information helpful and appreciate your interest in keeping Bay Village a great place to live.

A zoning overlay is an addition to the zoning code that provides an optional set of rules that can be used for property use and development. Owners would be able to choose the overlay rules or the current zoning code. Sections 1189.03(a)(104) (PDF) and 1189.04(a) (PDF)

The overlay would not apply to residential areas. It would apply to most commercials areas. Maps showing the applicable parcels (PDF)

The overlay furthers several visions outlined in the 2016 citywide master plan, by diversifying housing options, establishing a pedestrian and bicycle-friendly community, and creating a more vibrant village center. More walkable shopping areas will tie into the new and planned connections to and within Cahoon Park, resulting in a more pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly city center while maintaining Bay Village’s character.

Some Bay residents are looking for housing options with less yard upkeep and more walkability to shops and services.  The overlay would allow owners to incorporate residential units above commercial spaces in areas that are currently commercial. Sections 1189.01 (PDF) and 1189.02 (PDF)

The overlay specifications are also designed to improve traffic flow and make the commercial spaces more welcoming. Section 1189.02(c) (PDF). Some commercial buildings are currently set way back from the road with parking lots between the sidewalk and the building. With the overlay, the buildings could be moved up toward the street and parking relocated to the back. Section 1189.12 (PDF).

The overlay was developed over 18 months with several public input meetings and many Bay Village Planning Commission working sessions. The Planning Commission approved the overlay and recommended it to City Council, which unanimously approved it on June 28, 2021.

The Bay Village zoning code has been largely unchanged since the 1950s. This overlay would enable owners to develop the property in ways more in keeping with modern usage.

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