Cahoon Park Lakefront Master Plan

The City of Bay Village with assistance from an ODNR Coastal Management Assistance Grant conducted a study to explore public access and environmental conditions at Cahoon Park. The focus of the study is the portion of Cahoon Park north of Lake Road, including Bay Point, a projection of land immediately west of Cahoon Creek and the Bay Boat Club. The study evaluated the features and uses parkgoers would like to see in the future, how visitors get to the site, and erosion concerns on the lake bluffs.

The Cahoon Park Public Access Study (PDF) will be a guiding document for park development over the coming years to both protect the lakefront from erosion and create public access. 

A 3-D model of the project provides on-the-ground and aerial views of the proposed new layout.

This video shows how the Cahoon Basin Trail will connect to the lakefront.

Lakefront Master Plan Process

Site Plan for the Cahoon Park Lakefront