School Resource Officer

The School Resource Officer (SRO) Program was introduced to the Bay Village City Schools beginning with the 2020-2021 school year. The SRO is a full-time sworn police officer of the Bay Village Police Department.   The goals of the SRO are to ensure a safe learning environment for all children and adults who enter the building, to prevent and reduce potential harm related to incidents of school violence and to create a partnership with behavioral health and other care providers in the community for student and family referral.   


The SRO has three primary functions in the schools:

  • Law Enforcement 
  • Fostering Positive School Climate/ Crime Prevention
  • Educator 

The SRO will investigate, report and act on offenses that occur on school property or during school events. They are responsible for the majority of law enforcement activities occurring at the school during or immediately before and after school hours. They are also responsible for information sharing between school officials and the police department.

 The SRO will focus on developing a rapport with the students by maintaining a high level of visibility on campus and at other school and community programs, and they serve as a positive role model to the students. Crime prevention activities include foot patrols, monitoring previous crime locations, speaking to teachers about reducing the opportunity for crimes to occur, analyzing possible crime patterns, investigating crimes, and patrolling the parking lots. 

 The SRO will provide educational benefits to students by leading classroom presentations, presenting at assemblies, and by representing the law enforcement community to build positive relationships with youth, their families, and school staff.


Our SRO is Officer Ben Kitchen. If you have any questions or concerns, email Officer Kitchen or call at 440-871-1234.