Trash & Recycling

Bay Village has contracted with Republic Services for refuse and recycling collection. Republic has provided blue refuse carts and green recycling carts to each home in Bay Village. The carts remain the property of Republic Services and should not be removed from the residence.

If your refuse or recycling is not collected as scheduled, or if your cart is broken, contact Republic Services at 1-800-433-1309 immediately for assistance.

Helpful Documents

2021 Refuse Collection Schedule (PDF)


Recycling right means focusing on the five items that belong in curbside recycling:

  • Cans: Empty and rinse
  • Cartons: Empty, rinse, replace the cap - it’s too small to be recycled by itself
  • Glass: Empty and rinse
  • Paper and Boxes: Flatten cardboard items, like cereal boxes, to save space
  • Plastic Bottles, Jugs and Food Tubs: Empty, rinse, remove all food residue, replace the cap
  • Everything else is considered contamination.

Simple Recycling

Use the bright red/orange bags provided by Simple Recycling to recycle textiles and small usable household items. Additional bags are available at City Hall and the Service Garage.

How to Dispose of Other Items