Streets & Construction


City service crews are responsible for road repairs including:

  • Certain striping tasks
  • Crack seal
  • Minor paving repairs
  • Minor traffic signal repairs
  • Pothole patching
  • Traffic sign repair, maintenance and creation

Sidewalk Correction Program

The City of Bay Village inspects all public sidewalks to ensure they are in good repair and free from nuisance and obstruction. The City notifies property owners when their sidewalk requires repair.

Sidewalk conditions that require correction:

  • Uneven by 3/4 inch or more, whether pushed up by tree roots or slumped due to settling.
  • Broken in 4 or more pieces, shattered, or severely spalled

For property owners who do not wish to complete the repairs themselves or through their own contractor, the City can perform the work and will invoice the property owner based on the contract cost per square foot.

Construction Projects

Did You Know

Bay Village upgraded all of the city traffic lights to LED in the winter of 2020, with all materials costs reimbursed by First Energy.