County Home Maintenance Programs

The Cuyahoga County Department of Development offers a variety of home loan programs to assist residents with their home repair and remodeling projects.

  1. Heritage Home Loan
  2. House Weatherization Assistance
  3. Housing Enhancement Loan (HELP)

Cuyahoga County has many wonderful older homes that were built to last. These homes are part of our heritage and we can help you preserve them. The County partners with Bay Village and the Cleveland Restoration Society to offer low interest loans that provide the funds you need to modernize and make energy efficient improvements. 

The Society’s team of old house experts will give you technical advice regarding the construction process. There are no income restrictions and investment properties are eligible. 

For More Information

For program parameters and participating cities, and other pertinent information please review the:

Additionally, brochures with more information are available at Bay Village City Hall.