Our City Government works hard at providing outstanding city services to make Bay Village a premier place to live, work, and play. Often, well-run city services are those that are least intrusive to the activities of our residents and businesses. This is accomplished in partnership with residents, City Council, and City Administration.

City Administration

The City Administration is made up of nine departments:

City Council

Our City Council is composed of seven elected officials including one from each voting ward, two council at large members and a Council President.

Mayor’s Office

The Mayor’s office handles the day to day management of the city, and the departments maintain city buildings, programs, and services.

Charter Form of Government

Bay Village is organized around a Charter form of Government. In 1948, a charter commission was elected and on April 12, 1949, the present charter was adopted at a special election. It became effective on January 1, 1950. At that same time, the Village of Bay became the "City of Bay Village" having been certified as having 6,917 residents as of 1950.

Charter Review

In accordance with Section 13.6 of the Charter, on or before January 20, 1963, and similarly, each ten years thereafter, the Mayor shall appoint a commission of nine qualified electors, whose appointment shall be confirmed by Council, and at least five of whom shall hold no other office or appointment in the City. Said nine electors shall serve as a Charter Review Commission and within six calendar months after confirmation of such appointments, shall recommend to Council such alterations, revisions, and amendments, if any, to this Charter as in the judgment of a majority of said Commission are desirable. 

The Council shall forthwith submit to the electors any such proposed alterations, revisions, or amendments to the Charter to be voted on at the next regular November election. Each said Charter Review Commission shall cease to function on the day of the next November election following its appointment. The members of the Commission shall serve without compensation. Meetings of the Charter Review Commission shall be open to the public. (Ord. 61-168; approved 11-7-61.)

The Charter states that the people shall elect seven members of Council.


The qualifications in accordance with the City Charter are as follows:

Each member of Council, including the President of Council, shall have been for at least one year prior to his election or appointment, and during his term of office shall continue to be, a resident of the Municipality and a qualified elector thereof. He shall not hold any other public office or public employment except as otherwise provided in this Charter or ordinance, and that of Notary Public or a membership in the State Militia, or the reserve corps of the United States.

The Mayor shall be elected for a term of four years. The Mayor shall be entitled to a seat in the Council. The Mayor shall not have a vote in the Council, but shall have the right to introduce ordinances and resolutions and to take part in the discussions of all matters coming before the Council.

Council Meetings

Regular Council meetings are held the first and third Monday of the month beginning at 8 pm in the Council Chambers. City Council Committee Sessions are held the second and fourth Mondays of the month beginning at 7:30 pm in the Conference Room of City Hall. These meetings are open to the public.

In accordance with Section 2.11 of the City Charter, Council will recess for the months of July and August. A Special Meeting may be called to take action during these months and such meetings will be posted.