Natural Gas

City of Bay Village Natural Gas Aggregation Program

Voters in May 2015 approved an ’opt-out’ natural gas aggregation program for our community by a record setting 87% margin. The program is available to all residents and small businesses in the City.

The theory behind aggregation is simple: by using bulk purchasing power, greater savings can be passed on to our residents and businesses. Through an aggregation program, our residents will join together with 200 other communities to negotiate better prices and consumer protections. 

Without aggregation, individual households are then responsible for selecting a natural gas supplier that would not offer the same low pricing and protections available from an aggregation. Our Natural Gas aggregation will work in a similar manner to the electric aggregation approved by Bay Village voters in 2010.

Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council

The City of Bay Village has selected the Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council or NOPEC to best manage our new natural gas aggregation program. NOPEC is a nonprofit government aggregation that has become the largest energy aggregation in the nation. NOPEC provides low-cost electricity and natural gas to more than 750,000 customers in 13 Northeast Ohio counties.

Unlike the many private, for-profit companies now marketing in Ohio, NOPEC is a not-for-profit public aggregation of local governments, with no goal other than delivering both savings and stability to the consumers it represents. As you are aware from solicitations that you receive, private for-profit energy suppliers sometimes use special offers and gimmicks to attract customers. 

Because NOPEC is made up of a council of local governments, their pricing is a safe reliable way to ensure competitive long term pricing for natural gas. Check the Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council website for details.

Discounted Supply

This aggregation program provides our residents and businesses a discounted supply of natural gas. Columbia Gas of Ohio will continue to:

  • Deliver the natural gas to your home or business
  • Meters
  • Offer the same budget billing options
  • Repair the pipes
  • Send you your utility bill

Nothing changes other than the discounted energy supply available through this new natural gas aggregation. To see an example, view a Sample Gas Bill (PDF).

Automatic Enrollment & Opting Out

Since this is an ’opt-out’ program, those wishing to participate will be automatically enrolled. No action is necessary to participate. 

Those wishing to opt out can also easily do so by following the instructions in the Opt Out Letter; NOPEC is required to send opt-out letters to residents every two years.