Bay Village Voting Wards

Voting Wards

Section 2.1 of the Charter of Bay Village and Chapter 105 of the Administrative Code of Bay Village establish four wards in the city.  Section 2.1 states: "The fixed boundaries of each ward shall be the shore of Lake Erie on the North and the corporate boundary of the Municipality on the South, and every year following the United States decennial census, the Council shall determine if a change in the easterly and westerly boundaries of each ward is deemed necessary in order to equalize population as nearly as possible."

Following the 2020 United States Census, City Council reviewed the population data and approved a change to the easterly and westerly ward boundaries by passing Ordinance 21-89 on November 29, 2021.

Maps illustrating the old and new boundaries are below, click on the link for a larger version:

Bay Village ward map with changes, color

Bay Village ward map with changes, black and white

Bay Village 2020 Census Ward Map Color
Bay Village 2020 Census Ward Map Black and White

Polling Locations

The city reported the change to the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections (BOE), which will update city polling locations for 2023. 

The ward changes will NOT affect the November, 2022 voting locations as expected. Please use the polling location indicated on your mailer from the BOE.

The BOE was not able to implement the changes in time for the primary elections in the spring, and as the primary and general elections are potentially related, and Bay Village doesn’t have any ward-specific election issues until 2023, the BOE kept the boundaries the same until next year. The ward changes will be implemented for 2023.

The Board of Elections sends a postcard with polling location information to all registered voters prior to each election. When it’s available, the updated polling location map will be posted on the Board of Elections website and linked here.

For more information about Bay Village polling locations, review the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections Interactive Map for Bay Village, or find your polling location by address.

City Council

Check the City Council Members page to learn who your council representatives are.

Voter Registration

For more information, including voter registration, please visit the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections website.