Safety, Snow, & Fire Hydrants

This is just a friendly reminder that it is the responsibility of residents who have a fire hydrant on their property to maintain the area around the hydrant. The Ohio Fire Code requires a 3-foot clear space be maintained around a fire hydrant. This space is intended to allow our firefighters to work in all directions around the hydrant to hook hoses and operate the valve. 

The Code also states: posts, fences, vehicles, growth, trash, storage and other materials or objects shall not be placed or kept near fire hydrants. Even in winter, the resident is responsible to clear snow from around the hydrant.

Hydrants on Your Property

Keeping the hydrant on your property accessible is very important in case a fire breaks out at your home or your neighbor’s. Your year round efforts are important to save lives.

Thank you for keeping your fire hydrants clear and visible. We will do our best to ensure they are in good working order.