Concerns & Complaints

Submitting Concerns and Complaints

To report a complaint to the Building Department please complete our Request for Action/Inspection/Complaint Form or call the Building Department at 440-899-3400 to report by phone. We will take the pertinent information and process the complaint.

Concerns for the Building Department

Types of concerns/complaints investigated by the Building Department:

  • Construction work beginning without permits
  • Safety and hazardous conditions on private property (something that may cause injury)
  • Exterior property maintenance issues, such as:
    • High grass over 7 inches
    • Deteriorated/lack of maintenance of building exteriors
    • Junk/debris in yard areas
  • Vehicles parked/stored outside that are inoperable or without current license plates

Concerns for Other Departments

The Building Department is not responsible for:

  • Downed wires or trees: contact the Police Department at 440-871-1234.
  • "I smell gas:" dial 911 and contact Columbia Gas at 1-800-344-4077.
  • Contact the Service Department regarding:
    • Basement flooding
    • Broken fire hydrant or water main 
    • Public sidewalks, aprons, streets and right-of-ways, and street lights
    • Refuse collection, brush or leaf pickup 
    • Street snow removal
    • Trees that are dead or diseased
    • Poisonous plants, such as giant hogweed, poison hemlock, poison ivy, poison oak, and wild parsnip that are immediately adjacent to trails, playgrounds, or other heavily-trafficked areas. Learn more about poisonous plants